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Source code clip of the day


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Customizing graphs in Zenoss

Zenoss has a pretty nice integration with rrdtool. You can get a lot of pretty graphs out of it. I like to take these graphs and put them on the company intranet for other employees to enjoy†. I also find that it’s quite helpful to show some of the more important graphs in one place […]



Setting up SSL on Tomcat with a Self-Signed Certificate

This is a pretty common thing to need to do. Today I had to do this, and, even though I have done it many times before, I had to go searching to find out how to do it. Tech Tracer has a nice, step-by-step set of instructions:

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Choices for DSL service … a thing of the past

The quality of DSL service in my neighborhood has been described by a few techs in the know as “a black hole”.

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It must be the motherboard …

It takes roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes to replace the motherboard in a Dell Latitude D820. A couple weeks ago I called up Dell because I noticed that sometimes when I picked up my laptop, it would turn off. Dell figured the appropriate course of action would be to RMA the motherboard and power […]

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