Workaround for Subclipse crash

A couple weeks ago I tried to setup Aptana on my Mac, but was quite disappointed to find out that whenever I used Subversion, the JVM would crash. It took a while, but this morning I narrowed down the problem.

The JavaHL native client for Subclipse adapter was blowing up the JVM. In retrospect, I should have figured this out earlier, since the JVM doesn’t really crash that often. Because the JavaHL is calling into the svn shared lib’s on my machine, it has the possibility to crash.

The workaround is pretty simple: uninstall the JavaHL client adapter and install the SVNKit client adapter. The SVNKit adapter is pure java code, so it doesn’t call into the libraries directly. Any bugs that may exist in SVNKit will just throw java exceptions instead of killing the JVM.



  1. #1 by sethrh on August 2, 2009 - 1:46 pm

    I just found out that this bug is specific to PowerPC builds of Subversion. The latest 1.5.x build of SVN is broken, but the Collab-net binaries of 1.6.x include the fix.

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