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A simple stopwatch in C#

For whatever reason, periodically I find myself wanting an electronic stopwatch. No fancy features, just a start button and elapsed time. Several months ago I found one, but I lost it and it didn’t do what I wanted anyway. Fortunately, I have mad C# skills, so I pounded one out a few months ago. Download […]


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401.1 Access Denied error in IIS 6.0 (w/NTLM)

If you ever find yourself with an IIS web site that suddenly stops accepting NTLM, make sure Keep Alive is on (web -> Properties -> Web Site -> Enable HTTP Keep-Alives). As it turns out, NTLM requires keep alive.

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FreeBSD 7.2 with no CDs: Local Network Installation

I don’t want to burn a bunch of CDs for a single use. It’s a waste of blank CD-Rs (I bought 50 of them in 2004, and I’ve only got a few left).

This time I went for a different tactic: a net installation of FreeBSD using another computer as the remote host.

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