Creating a new folder in Windows XP, using the keyboard

Since Windows 98, I have been searching for a simple keystroke to create a new folder in Windows Explorer.

Sounds stupid, I know. But not being able to do this is an annoyance and a time waster. Every few months I get fed up and search the internet, and don’t find anything (except other people who are annoyed by the same thing).

This time however, I found a partial solution.

1) Create a new text file, name it “Make Folder.vbs”.
2) Open it up in Notepad, and type in:

set sh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WScript.Sleep 100
sh.SendKeys "%(FWF)"

3) Now, store your vbs file away somewhere (I use C:\Software\Hacks).

4) Create a shortcut to this file, open up the shortcut’s properties, and add a shortcut key (this is a little known feature of Windows Explorer; adding a Shortcut key to a Shortcut lets you invoke the shortcut by pressing the keys). I used Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N.

That’s it. Now open up a new explorer window and press your keystroke. Poof! New folder.

This is a hack in the best of terms. It works by typing Alt+F, W, F in the current window. If you’re in an explorer window this has the effect of creating a new folder. Unfortunately, the keystroke that you assigned will work Everywhere, in any program. If you’re lucky, nothing will happen. If you’re unlucky, Alt+F, W, F will erase your entire hard drive. The actual behavior will depend on the program. Be careful — if you only press your shortcut in explorer you’ll be fine.

The other issue is that this does NOT work if you’re just looking at the desktop (there’s another script to accomplish that though).

This script needs a bit of refinement. It would be nice to have one script work on the desktop or in a window. It would be nice to not have to rely on the explorer-shortcut invocation to run the script, or at least have the script be smart enough to do nothing if Explorer.exe wasn’t the front process.

Hey Microsoft: What’s wrong with Ctrl+N?

Note: This script was originally present on Though that page no longer exists, it is present in the ol’ wayback machine:



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