Keyboard Mappings in Windows XP

Today I was doing a little searching and happened on the “Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools” download from Microsoft. Inside this download is a fantastic tool called “remapkey.exe” that gives you a straight forward drag and drop UI for remapping the keys on your keyboard.

I often plug in Mac keyboards to my PC laptop at home (the only USB keyboards that I have are Mac keyboards), and I discovered this utility while I was looking for a way to exchange the Alt & Windows key.

It works, but it reverses the Alt & Windows keys on the built-in keyboard too. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that you have to reboot to activate your changes, so no quickly switching the layout when you unplug the keyboard.

A better way might be to make a copy of the key layout and twiddle the Alt & Windows keys? Then you could use the IME to switch key layouts without rebooting.



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